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Christmas Greeting

This holiday season send the Christmas Greeting that is as personal as a Christmas card and as easy as a text message

Christmas Greeting — After the Beep! is the new holiday version of After the Beep!, the iPhone app that is surprising friends & family everywhere with themed voice messages delivered through voicemail, Twitter and Facebook. Christmas Greeting is available now so go download your version now!

Christmas Greeting is an easy and fun tool for sending out holiday invitations, reaching out to business associates, telling your friends and family "Merry Christmas", revealing your Christmas wish list, sending thank you notes, and just for having some holiday fun. Forget the stress (and cost!) of buying, signing and mailing Christmas cards this year...Christmas Greeting is as personal as a Christmas card and as easy as a text message.

Christmas Greeting comes with one fully-customizable holiday theme (compared to 11 for After the Beep!) which lets you record a voice message, then easily customize it by mixing and matching 15 background holiday tunes, 11 locations (like Santa's Slay, Christmas Party and Heaven) and 17 greeting wrappers.

Once you've recorded your message you can quickly send it directly to any U.S. voicemail without ringing the phone (a process we call VoiceTxt), or share it on Facebook, Twitter and through email.

Get Christmas Greeting — After the Beep! now! Sharing messages through Facebook, Twitter and email is completely free. The App comes with 3 free credits (good for sending 3 voice messages within the U.S.); more credits can easily be purchased from within the app to cover carrier fees (international rates may vary).

Christmas Greeting is a special version of After the Beep!. There is a link to After the Beep! in the app, other than that there are no ads in the app and we do not advertise in messages.

Download Christmas Greeting — After the Beep! now to give your friends and family the best Christmas Greeting ever.

Check out a demonstration of the app!: